Motor oil lubricates engine components with its primary function being to stop metal on metal contact. The amount of pressure oil can withstand before it allows metal contact is called film strength. The higher the film strength the less friction, wear and heat is generated. Once an oil has failed in it’s primary function then it has a number of secondary, damage limitation functions, these being mainly heat dissipation and re-distribution of wear metals to avoid exponential wear occurring at source.
If the oil fails in its primary function, damage to working surfaces occurs, which then facilitates more damage due to the additional friction that occurs between worn surfaces compared to smooth, as well as excess heat generation, which not only fatigues mechanical parts themselves but also breaks down the oil itself also, which all factor into exponential deterioration in performance.
Synionic Lubrication Technology has 2 key features which renders it the most powerful oil in the world. The first is its extreme film strength, which stands at approximately 220,000 p.s.i, which is 50 times stronger than most lubricants. When this feature is coupled with its ionic bonding technology, which essentially electroplates the metal surfaces with our lubricant, the combination is unbeatable.

  • Improved Reliability
  • Provides engine protection at startup
  • Improved MPG
  • Reduced Emissions
  • Optimum performance maintained throughout service lifecycle, no deterioration in performance between service
Your owner's manual may provide different oil change intervals for both regular driving and severe driving.

It is recommended that you always follow your OEM recommended service intervals. However, we do also offer an oil analysis service, whereby we can safely extend your service interval scientifically subsequent to proven analysis of your engine's performance. With the use of Syntonic's advanced surface active technology, in combination with the oil analysis service, we have been able to more than triple the previously stipulated interval of OEM’s, without compromising on protection.
It is imperative to choose the correct oil for your engine. Synionic offers Conventional, Synthetic Blend and Full Synthetic motor oils to meet your manufacturer recommendations.