• Dear Mike

    Just a short letter to thank you for your continued support of Special Tuning Racing.

    We at Special Tuning Racing have been using Synionic Lubricants in our cars in the competitive and demanding arena of the British Touring Car Championship. At this level of motorsport, you can’t put a price on peace of mind which is afforded us by knowing we have the protection of Synionic Lubrication Technology allowing us to focus on developments rather than maintenance. We are grateful for the support of Synionic, which has proven to be able to take whatever we had to thrown at it.

    As we enter another Touring Car season we look forward to our continued successful partnership with Synionic.

    Kind regard,

    John Boardman
    STR Team Principal
  • K.L Knight
    To whom it may concern,

    We at Scoobyclinic have been using prolong, now renamed Synionic Lubricants, for over 3 years in all our race cars and general servicing. Since going on to this product we have had no engine failures down to oil-related problems, four of our top 6 cars are still winning races with standards 2.0ltr STI engines after the 3 years without refresh.

    Last years wins included Time attack, AAA saloon cars, Nippon challenge and the Birkett endurance race, proving not only 30 minute sprints are safe but also a 6 hour endurance race was also achieved and class won with this oil.

    One mail shot from our turbo supplier has pointed out that many oils have removed certain additives of late which are causing bearing failure in turbocharges, the technology used in Synionic Lubricants safeguards against this.

    Hope the above is of help

    Yours Faithfully,

    K.L Knight
    K.L Knight
  • Philip Case
    I have been continuously working in Rallying for the past 11years at the highest level in WRC, with companies such as M-sport Ltd. And I have worked with the best machinery at the cutting edge of technology in motorsport. In my own company, we build and maintain racing engines I was asked to come out to the Rally of Lebanon to act as chief engineer for the Synionic Rally Team, as I had built and maintained the car previously in Ireland. As a result of the4previous seasons that I had worked on the car I had a substantial amount of data from the engine built up for the car, and not having had experience of Synionic Lubrication Technology previously was keen to evaluate it thoroughly. I have always maintained a strict regime with the vehicles I look after and feel that you cannot afford to take chances with a lubricant, and as such have always used the finest available on the market, and routinely serviced the oil every 100km of racing to ensure it is always operating at it’s optimum. Being in the Rally of Lebanon was obviously a different environment from Ireland, with ambient temperature being approximately 35 degrees Celsius as opposed to Ireland’s 15 degrees Celsius, so therefore a direct comparison of oil temperatures had to bear this fact in mind, with the average oil temp being 127C. It was, therefore, a huge improvement for me to witness that even though the ambient temperature was higher, the oil temperature was reduced by approximately 20 C, this demonstrates to me without a doubt that Synionic lubricants are doing a significantly superior job to any lubricant I have seen or used before in the harshest environments.

    I would strongly recommend it's used to any who need performance from their lubricants, had I not seen it for myself and been able to compare with hard data, I would not have believed such a difference possible
    Philip Case
    Philip Case Rally Sport
  • Sara Edwards
    Kingdown Race Team would like to thank Synionic Oils for their support and expertise in helping achieve 2,031 mpg around Rockingham Speed Way and 1,971 mpg around Mallory Park. Our bearing tests suggest over a 10% reduction in frictional forces as well as perfect engine performance at very high running temperatures, which considering the nature of our challenge of achieving record-breaking fuel economy, is significant
    Sara Edwards
    Kingdown School
  • Mike
    August 12, 2011

    I am writing to you because your oil (Synionic 20-50) just saved me AED 12,000.00. I build high-performance rally engines and run an MK2 Ford Escort on tarmac stage rallies in the classic modified class. The car is a full house GRP4 car with a 2ltr, 296 BHP naturally aspirated Cosworth which revs to 9000 RPM. On this year, Harry Flatters Rally (Egypt), 9 miles in on the last stage, I checked the gauges and the oil pressure was 'zero'! I stopped the car, but couldn't understand why the oil light did not come on. My co-driver said he saw the oil light flicker about 5 miles in but didn't come on again. The tee piece in the block with the oil gauge and oil switch attached had snapped clean off. No earth, no oil light. The dry sump tank had emptied through the mow open end, int he block! No oil.